Portrait Photography Session

What does the Portrait Photography session include within the trial?

Makeup by our team member Libby

For your wedding day, not only does your makeup need to look great in person, it needs to show well on camera too. Nine times out of ten brides will have booked a photographer or videographer for their special day. Your photo's are SO important, they are what we use to re-live and look back at one of the best days of our lives.

Laura Carroll Makeup Artistry now offers a mini portrait photography session to capture your makeup at your wedding makeup trial. Using natural light and a professional camera Laura will be able to show you how well the makeup transfers. At this point you will see how well the makeup photographs and there may also be suggestions from Laura to enhance or soften any areas of the makeup ensuring it is picture perfect!

As you can see in the image to the left, the bride to be has also brought her wedding day jewellery to see the makeup with it on. Every bride is asked to wear a white/ light coloured garment of clothing on the top half so you can see the makeup next to a light colour. As close to your dress as you can get is best, even a similar neckline if you have something suitable! Take note if your dress is white, ivory, blush or champagne, this all makes a difference to the tones in the makeup. Do not worry if you don't have something 'dressy' or quite the same colour match, just wear the lightest thing you own. To find out more about how best to prepare for your wedding makeup trial click here.

Having these photo's taken is also great practise for your special day! Laura will help to position you into place, from there all you have to do is smile! The images will then be filtered through by Laura, and the best few will be sent via email 7-10 days after the trial. You can of course use the images as you wish; some print them off for a wedding scrap book as part of their wedding makeup journey, others may use them as their new profile photo! They are yours and there for you to refer back to at any point should you wish.

Remember, the prettiest thing a woman can wear is a smile, relax and enjoy!