How to prepare for your wedding makeup trial


Prepping your skin correctly can dramatically change the results of the makeup, both at the trial and on the big day! Smooth, clean, well taken care of skin will aid the result of flawless makeup! Here are some tips:

  • Go to your favourite brand counter and speak to their skin specialist, ask them for a skincare routine that you can do daily to ensure you skin is in tip top condition!
  • Find a cleanser that is right for you, water, milk or foaming cleanser – avoid wipes!
  • Ensure you are exfoliating at least once a week, there are many exfoliators out there, make sure you do some research and speak to a specialist to find the right one for your skin to not cause irritation. Exfoliating is a game changer when it comes to makeup application!
  • Moisture is key!!!! Moisturise, day and night, also some serums are wonderful for the skin for that extra replenishment. And most importantly drink plenty of water.

If you are having a summer wedding and having the trial in the winter please apply a soft tan to make the trial more realistic to the day. The makeup looks completely different on pale / more tanned skin tones!



 At many trials you may go to the makeup artists studio. However should it be more helpful for the makeup artist to come to you,  please follow these steps before your makeup artist arrives. Please ensure you have a large clear table ready for all the makeup magic to be laid out. A table at waist height or higher makes the job much easier for the artist to find each product. Move the table next to the best and most natural light you have. Lighting is everything when it comes to makeup application, natural light is best for the most accurate match to the skin. If you have a high stool this is perfect for the makeup artist to step back and check their work.



At the trial to help envision the makeup against a white or lighter colour – please wear a top as close to your wedding dress colour as possible. Same goes for bridesmaids having a trial, please wear a similar colour to the dress you will be wearing on the day. Button up or loose is best, you’ll thank me when there are no make-up stains at the end of the day! It is good for you to see the importance of colour added to the face when wearing white!



Please arrive at your trial with freshly cleansed skin. A photo of yourself on a normal day to day basis helps the MUA understand how much and what style of makeup you are used to.



Have ready some images of makeup you have found that you like the style of. These may be from pinterest, your makeup artists website or media pages such as instagram (tagged). Images of your dress and the bridesmaid dresses will help to decide the style of makeup which will most suit the wedding. There are a million looks your artist could create, but to have colour schemes, images of your dress and makeup you have seen before that took your fancy, all helps when deciding the perfect look for you and your wedding.