Wedding makeup artist pricing, what does it cover?

Wedding season is here! Around this time I often notice questions about wedding makeup pricing. The confusion tends to stem from comparison of why this makeup artist charges ££ and this makeup artist charges £££.

I felt it was time to educate brides to really see in depth what these costs cover for a high quality makeup artist. This is why I personally charge what I do:


Qualifications/ Training

I am proud to say I have studied makeup extensively at university, unfortunately as many post graduates know the repayments of loans are deadly! I will be paying this back for years to come, totally worth every penny of course!

Added courses I attend annually to keep on top of new techniques and keep my skillset up to date are also added costs. A great makeup artist will invest in courses and will never stop learning.

Makeup Kit

My kit consists of premium makeup brands, this can range from a £35 foundation (x10) to a £15- £25 lipstick (x30) and much more. These luxurious products ensure the bride is getting the highest quality products to wear on her special day. I top up my kit a few of times a year, purchasing extra products if the bride requests something different. 

Along with the makeup are the disposables, lighting system, case to carry my kit in (plus assistant bags), makeup chairs x2 and professional camera.

You pay for quality, and this is something I can guarantee in my service as a makeup artist.


I am lucky enough to have a lovely garden studio which I use for both lashes and makeup. This costs thousands to build, heat, light and refurbish. The maintenance of this costs extra every month. If I am not hosting the job at the studio I am travelling out, paying for petrol and paying for a car which can fit in all my kit to take to the job.

Website / Social media

Even at the beginning of your journey of searching for your makeup artist I had paid for you to be able to find me online. I pay to be listed on Guides for Brides, a top site for brides to help plan your weddings. My website alone costs hundreds to be designed, and extra for the SEO, for me to pop up on google to help make your search that little bit easier.

I also advertise on social media, this may not cost me anything if I am not paying for an advertisement but it costs me a lot of time. Time I spend posting regularly, updating instagram and facebook to keep everything up to date with my latest work for you to see easily.


The work isn’t just at the wedding job itself, its also the emailing back and forth to check details, send invoices, plan for the day, arrange trials and so on. I run my own business so do not get paid for the hours of admin I put in to get the jobs.

Other added costs

Insurance to cover my kit, myself and my clients.

Makeup Assistants I often need to hire makeup assistants to help with large bridal parties.

Accountants To keep my books up to date.


One important factor which can be overlooked is that you are paying for an artists vision, the makeup artist will charge accordingly depending on how they studied makeup and their experience. Despite the makeup bill on the day, please remember the hours of work organising with the bride, the time spent prepping the kit, topping it up if need be, the hours after the job cleaning the brushes and rest of the kit.

Many brides ask ‘why does the bride cost more?’ I actually request a deposit from the bride to secure the date. This brings their price down to the same as everyone else on the day of the wedding. The deposit not only reserves the date for the bride but also acts as a booking fee to hire my services for the day. I am going there for the bride, and staying for as long as the bride needs me to. The deposit also acts as a form of security for my earnings as someone who is self employed.

This is the most important day of many brides lives, the pressure to create utter perfection comes from a lot of hard work. The job is that bit more precious, with no time limit you are booked for the bride until she is happy for you to leave. I adore my job, and feel so lucky to be chosen on a brides special day. Therefore I pride myself in my quality of work and charge accordingly.

How to prepare for your wedding makeup trial


Prepping your skin correctly can dramatically change the results of the makeup, both at the trial and on the big day! Smooth, clean, well taken care of skin will aid the result of flawless makeup! Here are some tips:

  • Go to your favourite brand counter and speak to their skin specialist, ask them for a skincare routine that you can do daily to ensure you skin is in tip top condition!
  • Find a cleanser that is right for you, water, milk or foaming cleanser – avoid wipes!
  • Ensure you are exfoliating at least once a week, there are many exfoliators out there, make sure you do some research and speak to a specialist to find the right one for your skin to not cause irritation. Exfoliating is a game changer when it comes to makeup application!
  • Moisture is key!!!! Moisturise, day and night, also some serums are wonderful for the skin for that extra replenishment. And most importantly drink plenty of water.

If you are having a summer wedding and having the trial in the winter please apply a soft tan to make the trial more realistic to the day. The makeup looks completely different on pale / more tanned skin tones!



 At many trials you may go to the makeup artists studio. However should it be more helpful for the makeup artist to come to you,  please follow these steps before your makeup artist arrives. Please ensure you have a large clear table ready for all the makeup magic to be laid out. A table at waist height or higher makes the job much easier for the artist to find each product. Move the table next to the best and most natural light you have. Lighting is everything when it comes to makeup application, natural light is best for the most accurate match to the skin. If you have a high stool this is perfect for the makeup artist to step back and check their work.



At the trial to help envision the makeup against a white or lighter colour – please wear a top as close to your wedding dress colour as possible. Same goes for bridesmaids having a trial, please wear a similar colour to the dress you will be wearing on the day. Button up or loose is best, you’ll thank me when there are no make-up stains at the end of the day! It is good for you to see the importance of colour added to the face when wearing white!



Please arrive at your trial with freshly cleansed skin. A photo of yourself on a normal day to day basis helps the MUA understand how much and what style of makeup you are used to.



Have ready some images of makeup you have found that you like the style of. These may be from pinterest, your makeup artists website or media pages such as instagram (tagged). Images of your dress and the bridesmaid dresses will help to decide the style of makeup which will most suit the wedding. There are a million looks your artist could create, but to have colour schemes, images of your dress and makeup you have seen before that took your fancy, all helps when deciding the perfect look for you and your wedding.