How to prepare for your wedding makeup trial

Wedding Makeup Trial

Before setting a trial date please ensure these elements of your wedding day have been chosen:

  1. Wedding date: We only offer trials to brides who have already secured us for their date. The time of year you decide to get married plays a huge role! For example if it's a summer wedding there is much more natural light so even light makeup can feel and look more that usual. In the winter however you may need deeper tones for it to stand out where the natural light isn't around for long.
  2. Venue: Maybe you have booked a barn, a manor house or perhaps your getting married outside! The venue will give us an indication of the style of your wedding, and of course we want the makeup to run harmoniously with your vision coming to life!
  3. Your wedding dress: What style did you go for? Will you be changing in the evening? The detail or simplicity within your dress is considered when creating your makeup look to ensure there is balance and it compliments well. For example, a simple and minimalistic dress style would suit a polished and sleek makeup look!
  4. Your colour scheme: Here we mean the colours in your flowers, general decor and what colours you put your beautiful bridesmaids in! For example if you were to choose a deep red we would need a makeup look that wouldn't get lost in the rich colour. If you have chosen soft, muted colours the makeup style could still be soft but also soft shimmers could lift the whole look.

Once these factors are decided it allows me to envision your special day and create a makeup look not only to suit you but to work harmoniously with your entire day. You may wish to have your trial done sooner and before some of the finer details have been chosen to double check I am the right makeup artist for you- and that is completely fine! Once details are finalised we can always arrange another trial to tie everything in together to create your final look.

When should I book my trial?

We recommend your trial to be done 3-6 months before your wedding date. We will send out a reminder email if you are booking in advance!

Where will it be held?

Trials are held Laura's spacious studio, based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The studio has been designed to enable the best natural light to ensure a spot on skin match. All products are available to create any look. Due to COVID-19 we are currently unable to provide beverages but please bring anything you need. There is also a comfortable seating area for you / your guests to watch and see the makeup magic unfold!

For any brides booked with Laura's team members the trial may be held at Laura's studio or the team members home studio.

What do I need to bring/ wear ?

  • I always recommend the bride wears a similar colour top to their dress (white/ off white/ blush/ champagne). This plays a huge part in seeing how the makeup sit against a lighter colour.
  • Bring your wedding day jewellery if you have already have some.
  • If you are planning on having a tan of any sort on your wedding day please ensure this is done for the trial. If you are having your trial in the winter months for your summer wedding try a soft tan moisturiser to give you that summer glow. The makeup style can look SO different on different skin tones.
  • Have photo's on your phone of makeup inspiration, images of my work are preferable but please have at least 3 images we can discuss within your consultation.
  • Make a note of which foundation you use (if any), and any favoured lip colours.
  • Arrive with no makeup on, if you are a makeup wearer please have a photo of yourself with every day makeup on and an image of what you would do for a special  occasion.

Skin preparation

Prepping your skin correctly can dramatically change the results of the makeup, both at the trial and on the big day! Smooth, clean, well taken care of skin will aid the result of flawless makeup! Before your trial please wash your face with a cleanser and wash off with a flannel, this will ensure a smooth base for makeup application.

I have found an amazing book I highly recommend that will change your skincare routine for the better! Caroline Hirons is a skincare guru and has written a book about all things skin care. She speaks about every skin type, condition – you name it! I do have this book for us to look at during your trial but if its something you would like to get into to ensure your skin is tip top for your trial click here for the link.