"Makeup may sit upon the surface of the skin, but its the power of makeup that goes much deeper than that"

A quote I live by when doing the job I love, thats what drew me to makeup when I was young - how it made people feel. Yes, I'm afraid I am one of those cliché makeup artists that has always has a passion for make-up. I felt lucky, that I could dive straight in and study what I knew I always wanted to be and do for others.

I Graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2014, being a complete makeup nerd I gained a First Class Honours degree in Make-up and Hair Design for film, photography and music whilst also receiving the MAC cosmetics award for innovation in fashion image. The degree specialised in fashion, film & TV, Special FX, photography and beauty makeup taught by experts in the field. I soaked it all up and in no time I was keen to get out there and create a brand for myself.

Since then I am so grateful to have received the National Makeup Artist of the Year 2021 award within The Wedding Industry Awards!

After of gaining experience working with professional photographers, film crews such as ITV for endeavour, fashion campaigns such as Next and working on makeup counters; Benefit Cosmetics and Lancome, I decided to further my career in the Bridal makeup industry. Using my study of photography makeup has put me a step ahead whilst combining my knowledge of makeup products and brands.

I have attended many makeup masterclasses in 2018: the ’The Masterclass’ London 2018 with world famous makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, personal makeup artist to Kim Kardashian and other A-List celebrities. I have also attended Melissa Sophia Panayiotou’s masterclass in Feb 2018, a British makeup artist who works closely with other celebrities. Finally one of Australia’s top makeup artists Mia Connor hosted a masterclass in the UK showcasing her ‘signature’  modern bridal look.

In 2018 I did a 'Portrait photography' course. The ideal course for a MUA to capture their work, this has by far been the most valuable course I have taken, to be able to capture my makeup work and my beautiful brides! It's so important for any future clients to see what I do clearly and to notice every detail of the makeup.

"After experiencing makeup in many different areas it always comes back to my favourite moments of women’s reactions. The women who aren’t models, celebrities, the women who want to simply feel a million dollars. Brides, bridesmaids, or women going to a special event, the reaction when they first look in the mirror after the make over is priceless. The best part is seeing their confidence sore, I think to myself ‘wow that’s my career, you can’t get much better than that”